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The Small Print

Prices, dates  and the small print are subject to change without notice. If anything changes, and you are signed up for a class, you will be notified of that change. ALWAYS CHECK THIS PAGE FOR CHANGES AND NOTICES OF CHANGES PRIOR TO CLASS. Participants: A Workbook ACLS Study packet is included in the price, with books available for study only upon written request. To purchase a large Book click here  BOOK

Any person can defer attendance to the next scheduled class if conditions are met. (see below) We all lead busy lives. It is solely up to GreenCo Education to defer attendance (normally not a problem to back up to the next class) and we don't refund monies paid because participant fills a spot on the roster of a limited class number. If the roster can be re-filled, participation can be delayed until the next class only. In any event, if GCE isn't notified prior to 2 weeks before class, there will be no refund. If any questions, contact Greenco Education. CE's may be available for your particular licensure. It is up to the participant to apply for CE's in the own particular state, to their own licensing authority.

This continuing education activity is approved by the
Division of Professional Registration. RCP  Provider Number: 1797

CE Hours/ Type: 8 or16 Advanced 

EMS Professionals:
This continuing education activity is approved by the State of MO and the Continuing
Education Coordinating Board . To receive continuing education credit for this course,
please contact us or your instructor of your course.

If any participant is unable to attain a satisfactory for the class, they can attend the next class for FREE!

GreenCo Education is certified to provide continuing education courses for nurses (including most advanced certification) and most other Allied Health Professionals through various agencies and Associations.  X-Ray and Radiology Technologists licensed by the ARRT may also take courses through GreenCo Education.   It is the students responsibility to contact their employer and board or licensing agency of your state or specialty certification if you are unsure if you can take approved courses to work at a facility or complete your CE requirements.   Some states, as well as, advanced and specialty licenses have specific course requirements which may or may not be offered by GreenCo Education courses.
If you have these requirements and are unsure if the courses provided herein meet those specific requirements you are encouraged to contact your licensing agencyor employer.  It is the responsibility of the students, not GreenCo Education,  to ensure that the courses which they have taken meet their requirements and needs.

The information contained herein is deemed to be correct, but is not guaranteed.
If you have any questions, email or call.

Thank You!
GreenCo Education




*All dates subject to change. This is rare, except due to bad weather!

Fees Include downloadable study Workbooks only. ANY subject specific, certified curriculum text is acceptable study material.

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Medical CE activity is approved by:

MO Division of Professional Registration
State of Kansas
and others

and other states